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Happy Halloween 2019

Happy Halloween 2019 published on 4 Comments on Happy Halloween 2019

Agent D10 as Lt. Olive Badiane
Pascentia Zikos as Princess Evrose

Pas: Dressing up as an agent who fights magical crimes must be a fun break from your ordinary job working at a museum!

Tansy Lavande as Franklin Roosevelt

Tansy: I’m a working parent. This is the most elaborate costume that I have time to make.

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Franklin Roosevelt? Like… the US president??

Franklin Roosevelt is “the wacky alien from that sci-fi program Tansy loves”.

I was going to make some commentary about Dracula and Aleister Crowley popping up in Animé frequently, but that’s not quite the same thing, since relative to us, there WAS a real Aleister Crowley who lived, but [Franklin Roosevelt, thirty-first* man to hold the office President of the United States] would be fictional to Tansy and Thorn.

*Grover Cleveland served non-consecutive terms (twenty-second and twenty-fourth), and is thus is counted twice in the reckoning.

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