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Haven’t You Noticed 10/29

Haven’t You Noticed 10/29 published on 4 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 10/29

Holly: So . . . you still have bodyguards? I heard your magic is already pretty good. Or are they magic too?

Cedar: Oh, I’m not going to use magic on fans! Even the, uh, overenthusiastic ones. I’m not even supposed to touch them, so the guards keep that from happening.

It’s my parents’ rule, not mine. Mostly people just want a hug. It’s not like I’d mind.

Offscreen: EEEEEEEE!!

Cedar: In fact, if this person wants a hug, I’ll let —

Ivy: HI HOLLY congratulations on taking the LEVEL UP exam!! You’ll do GREAT!!

Laurel: Good to see you, Ivy.

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