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Haven’t You Noticed 11/29

Haven’t You Noticed 11/29 published on 5 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 11/29

Cedar: Is everyone here to be tested for the same stuff?

Holly: Kind of? It’s all related to being magical girls, but the specific reasons could be different. Get off, Ivy.

Some people, like me, are here to prove we’ve been studying. There’s a lot of specialized work that you need to be certified to do.

Some, like you, are new. You gotta get your basic skills rated, and figure out what your options are.

And anyone who has a power-up comes here to get it on the record.

Some are just family members, here to support the rest of us . . .

. . . and, uh, magicals who’ve been put in power-blocking bracelets, they check in here too.

Agent D10: Who, me? This is part of the outfit!

It’s simply a fashion statement from a humble-yet-stylish photographer.

D10 (whispering): Okay, I’m a certified observer for someone who’s showing up later. Keep it quiet, though, or you’ll blow my cover.

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