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Haven’t You Noticed 12/29

Haven’t You Noticed 12/29 published on 9 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 12/29

Ivy: Me and Dad are just here to cheer you on today, Holly!

Holly: Oh! Thanks? But it’s not like I ever have trouble with these things.

You know how you are with music and acting? That’s basically me here.

Cedar: It is?

Holly: Ivy, I should introduce you to my new friend!

Ivy: Great! What’s his name?

Cedar: Uh . . . don’t you recognize me?

Ivy: Nope! Why? Should I?

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Err… Holly… Your ego’s showing

If I managed to make friends with Janelle Monae or Danai Gurira, I’d be showing off too, so I get it.

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