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Haven’t You Noticed 13/29

Haven’t You Noticed 13/29 published on 6 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 13/29

After the explanation:

Ivy: Ohhh, okay! That’s why I haven’t heard of you — I only listen to Sønheic musicians. They’re soooo much better.

Cedar: Sounds fake, but okay. And you’re a magical girl too, right?

Holly: Yeah, but Ivy only practices as a Water mage, she isn’t trying to get certified as Star.

Ivy: The official people do still measure my power level! But they can’t do it here anymore. Last month we did it way out on the East Coast.

Holly: Of the continent? Why?

Ivy: Well, you know the big tsunami that was gonna smash up a bunch of foreign towns?

Holly: Wouldn’t it be all over the news if that had happened?

Ivy: Yes! Yes, it would.

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Those official people are lying. That wouldn’t help measuring her power at all, as they can’t know exactly how big that tsunami would be until it get close to shore.

Wait. Do they need to fill “this was power level test” into some forms to get around the fact she’s not adult yet?

My guess is it was opportunistic. They were on the coast so Ivy could really flex those magical skills… and the tsunami was not planned for, but the examiners just rubber-stamped it with a “Yeah, that’ll do for your periodic exam.”

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