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Haven’t You Noticed 14/29

Haven’t You Noticed 14/29 published on 6 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 14/29

Receptionist: Holly Cerise?

Laurel: Honey, you’re up.

Holly: Coming, Mom.

Holly (thinking): Every time I tried to impress them, it backfired . . .

Ivy: Byyyeeeee!

Cedar: Good luck!

Holly (thinking): Well, geez, of course it would. Ivy the walking force of nature, Cedar the star of stage and screen — my life sounds so boring compared to either of theirs.

Cedar: She seemed cool!

Ivy: She’s one of my BFFs!

Cedar: Really? Neat!

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Oh, this is bad. She’s gonna stumble on the test with an attitude like that .

my bet’s on Holly doubling down on “Do. NOT. Eff. Up.” and the proctor commenting along the lines of “are you okay? You’re not making any technical errors, and you’re well within the time limit, but your a bit slow today. if you’re feeling under the weather we can reschedule.”

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