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Haven’t You Noticed 17/29

Haven’t You Noticed 17/29 published on 7 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 17/29

This other mage is the second-last of the Kickstarter cameos! A character this time, not a backer — Jax belongs to Dan Michael Fielding.

Jax: So your first transformation was all on instinct, huh?

Cedar: Uh-huh. My cast was in danger — I couldn’t help it.

Jax: Show me what kind of magic you did.

Cedar: I made flowers! . . . They’re more dangerous than they look.

Jax: Well, don’t worry, you can work up to my level eventually. What else have you figured out since then?

Cedar: . . . Since then? I haven’t transformed again! I’ve been busy.

Jax (thinking): Uh-oh.

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2-1 The initial tests go poorly and Cedar finally meet real resistance in his life.

5-1 The tests go well and the other mages only talk about his tests, leaving Ivy with self-doubt even after she achieves the ranking she wants.

10-1 It goes poorly because Cedar is all style, no substance.

20-1 Everything goes well and they all laugh it off.

100-1 It’s the 20-1 but no one suffers any emotional trauma.

15-1 Cedar’s the one with already-extant emotional trauma (“are they going to be mad that I turned into a magical boy, instead of staying focused on my singing?”) and has performance anxiety now that it’s a ‘safe’ situation.

30-1 Cedar gets carried away and can’t shut it down. Holly counterspells and gets in close enough to calm him. Cedar internalizes the chatter over Holly’s depth of control. Holly internalizes Cedar overpowering Jax, discounting her own degree of power.

60-1 Cedar sprouts a Getsunese maple from his head.

200-1 Holly, Ivy, and Cedar go for milkshakes at the harbor.

Well we don’t know how long it has been since the events of ‘The Show Must Grow On’, so that time might have been taken up with talking to the authorities, his fans, and rehearsing/performing the show to make sure standards don’t drop.

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