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Haven’t You Noticed 18/29

Haven’t You Noticed 18/29 published on 12 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 18/29

Cedar: Look, my parents are really worried that being a magical boy will get in the way of my career. I promised I wouldn’t let it!

I did have to cancel a photoshoot to be here, but I haven’t missed any shows, and I haven’t transformed when I didn’t need to.

Jax: Hey, did your parents already know you had potential before this?

Cedar: Yeah, ever since I got the standard screening for kids. It said I actually could’ve transformed at that age? But it would’ve cut into rehearsal time for The Littlest Prince. I was the lead, y’know.

Jax: That was before you needed glasses, huh?

Cedar: No, I wore contacts. Still do — they photograph better. This costume just comes with glasses for some reason.

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Anyone else getting a Coogan vibe about this?

for those who aren’t in the know, Jackie Coogan was a child actor whose parents spent nearly all of the MILLIONS of 1930’s dollars he had earned. Essentially, The California Child Actor’s Bill requires money earned and accumulated under a contract under the code is the sole property of the minor. 15% of their earnings go into trust set up by the employer. The bill also codifies schooling, work hours, and time off for child stars.

Given the laws for Long-runners,I imagine the Coogan-equivalent laws are fairly ironclad. That doesn’t stop the Oseilles from leaning on Cedar to be rich so he can be their retirement plan insofar as he’s the sort to give selflessly.

In fact, I’m willing to bet the parents are following the Vetinari plan. Don’t take more pieces of cake. Make the cake larger, so everyone’s pieces are bigger.

Personally, I’m still worried about Jax thinking ‘uh-oh’ to the fact that Cedar hasn’t transformed since The Show Grows On.

Why do you think it’s about money? It can be “just” about ambitions. His parents have lot of them and are realizing them through him.

If it was about living vicariously through Cedar, his parents would show up to watch him preform.

Lynwood: … I don’t think I’ve ever seen your parents in the audience.
Cedar: They’re focusing on their jobs, not me! That’s what my manager’s for.

That actually sounds like his parents are quite good in realizing their ambitions themselves … but maybe they feel that if they started sooner it would be better and want to spare Cedar the same feeling later … without checking if he actually has same amount of ambitions like they did.

psst the costume probably comes with glasses as a form of symbolic rebellion against your parents

i suggest taking a good hard look at your life and trying to figure out what you wanna do with your life, and doing it for you

even if you decide on acting, at least it’ll be your choice and not your parents’ choice

wait, can you deliberately postpone first transformations, somehow?

I’m usually wrong when I guess about this comic, but I’m gonna anyway…
I don’t think you can delay first transformations so much as know about the potential.
Once you know, you can work towards transforming, or not, but if an emergency happens you’re gonna transform regardless. Just without the training you could have had if you were working on it…

I would guess the same – it’s not about deliberately postponing but there are some things you can do which may trigger transformation if you have the potential (like, besides getting into actual danger) and Cedar didn’t bothered trying.

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