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Haven’t You Noticed 19/29

Haven’t You Noticed 19/29 published on 8 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 19/29

Re: yesterday’s strip — it is so satisfying, as a writer, to lay down a bunch of clues and then watch readers work as a group to put them together.

Here’s one more detail to fill out Cedar’s backstory that I hadn’t covered yet…

Jax: Hey, Cedar, I think glasses look fine on you. Not as great as on me, though. You must have some good associations with them.

Cedar: Uh . . . well, I remember one time with one of the older actors on the show . . . He was a teenager already, and he was basically like a brother to me.

I guess his boyfriend needed glasses? I overheard them talking about it at a cast party. He said he thought they made any face cuter.

Jax: And this guy was “like a brother,” huh.

Cedar: Well, yeah . . . He played my brother on the show. What else would he be like?

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And here we see the young Cedar blossom. His branch thickening and reaching out. Notice how the tip is in bloom.

And I’m just sitting here wondering if he hammerspace’d a branch, or Quickened a seed he’d idly caught while talking.

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