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Haven’t You Noticed 21/29

Haven’t You Noticed 21/29 published on 9 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 21/29

Laurel: Holly always worries over whether she’s impressing people . . . I’m afraid she’ll ask for a job that sounds prestigious, but won’t make her happy. And I wish she could find something that’s not so isolated!

Her fellow Embassy guards are nice and friendly — but they’re all adults. She never gets enough time with other kids to make new friends her own age.

Holly: Magus Raifort? If I pass this, could I go back to the assignment I was on before Sir Thorn’s knights got moved to the Embassy?

Raifort: Maybe. What was it?

Holly: An isolated observatory in the mountains, populated only by a bunch of adult scientists doing prestigious work!

Raifort: . . . I see.

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She’s going to be assigned to be Cedar’s mentor, right? Or something to do wi

*with him. Like his companion?

Or perhaps a tutor/Dedicated Counterspeller.

I feel like Cedar’s outlook (“I don’t have TIME for Magicalness!”) is heading for disaster, somehow.

Thorn had enough aptitude that he could have been a Magical, but abandoned that to
be a swordsman like his mom.

Cedar had enough talent that he could have TRANSFORMED at the first testing, didn’t develop the skill, and it didn’t atrophy below that critical threshold over the last 8-11 years.

Hey, if I grew up with Ivy, I’d want to get the hell away from my own peer group too.

Not slamming Ivy actually, I just can see how that would get annoying real quick.

Some find it easier associating with people outside their age group. Holding her back from what she wants to do just because you think she should be hanging out with people ‘her own age’ could do more harm than good.

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