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Haven’t You Noticed 24/29

Haven’t You Noticed 24/29 published on 11 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 24/29

Holly (offscreen): . . . authors and singers . . . visit Burnspoint . . . make special effects . . .

Cedar: I don’t know how to do that either, okay? Maybe this whole thing was a fluke.

Holly: Um . . . where’s the thing you were going to get?

Raifort: He’s right here!

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Oh gosh, this is PERFECT! Holly has a lot of technical skill, but her mother’s worried Holly won’t do what she loves or spend time with people who can be peers and appropriate friends to her. Plus, it’s really clear that Holly’s personal interests lie in musical and/or performance arts. Cedar has almost no technical skill because his parents have encouraged him to be focused on his performance career to the detriment of his magic, and he has few, if any, magical people around him to learn from or interact with. They can teach each other so much and both learn a bit of balance in the process, it’s great!

Called it! 🙂

Actually, having time to think about this, this is a good solution to Raifort and Laurel’s problems. Teaching Cedar with both show how Holly responds to being in a leadership role in difficult situations (Cedar’s career conflicts and parents) while also allowing her to be around someone her own age (give or take a couple of years [not sure of their relative ages]) and do something she is genuinely interested in.

I admit, I have a slight concern that this event could fall under the trope “Shoo Out the Clowns,” as by removing the youngest of the Embassy Guard from the area, the boss can now inflict some TRULY awful events upon them. But maybe I’m just being needlessly worried.

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