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Haven’t You Noticed 4/29

Haven’t You Noticed 4/29 published on 10 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 4/29

Crowd: Is he here yet? / They’re not letting us in! / Did you see??

Laurel: Excuse me!

My daughter is here to actually get her skills tested! Let us through, already.

Crowd: Hey, that’s a great idea!

Let me in! I’m a magical girl here to get my skills tested! / Yeah, me too!

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Goddammit Cedar.

This isn’t really on Cedar. It’s 100% the crowd’s fault.

Considering that dumbass is literally interfering with actual government operations by not trying to keep this on the down-low in some way? Yeah, I’m putting at least 30% on him.

If you think it’s possible for a teen megastar to keep anything on the down low, you ought to do a little more research into music fandom…

People have literally taken private planes to privately-owned otherwise-uninhabited islands, and someone will follow closely enough to get photos they can sell.

Also, Cedar himself is 15, he’s not responsible for managing his own security. Wouldn’t even know where to start.

…That’s a little disturbing.

This is also why so many child stars go ‘wacky’ when they turn 18. The studio/record label was managing their security and life. Then contract ends and suddenly a rich kid has ZERO clue how to go about hiring their own anything. In most cases, they couldn’t even fall back on their parents, as the parents were never famous enough to need security.

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