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Haven’t You Noticed 5/29

Haven’t You Noticed 5/29 published on 7 Comments on Haven’t You Noticed 5/29

Laurel (thinking): Wonder if Holly and I could clear this crowd in a single bound.


Holly: Wow, it’s a stretch carriage! Must be a magical celebrity these people all want to meet.

Crowd: Is THAT him? / Is that — / Could it be — / Turn around!


Cedar: Awww, hi there, adoring public!

Crowd: Cedar!

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Ahhhhhh…… NOW I get the title of this chapter

I don’t? Is it a song lyric?

Yes, from Steven Universe. The song’s name is “Haven’t You Noticed(I’m a Star)? I guess in this context its to do with Cedar showing his true impression of himself to his fans if I remember how Magical transformations work.

I think it has more than one meaning.

While Cedar is a star of stage and song already, Holly is here for her final certification exam to be accredited as a full Star Mage. Star mages put in the effort to develop outside their default affinities, and are therefore more capable than other, single-affinity mages.

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