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Hedge & Grassie: Grassie for President

Hedge & Grassie: Grassie for President published on 4 Comments on Hedge & Grassie: Grassie for President

Introducing the Ceannic incarnations of George Burns and Gracie Allen! For a user-friendly intro to their excellence, check out recommended episodes from their TV show, and/or choice downloads from the radio program. Most of these jokes are adapted from that time Gracie ran for President in the 1940 election.

In-universe, Grassie’s bid for President of Ceannis was 24 years ago. It’s been re-run during every election cycle since then, to excellent ratings.


You have chosen to stream an episode of Hedge and Grassie from the Ceannic Classics library! Bringing you the best of early crystal broadcast comedy.

Hedge: You, Grassie, are running for President of Ceannis?

Grassie: That’s right!

. . . and Getsun.

Hedge: “And Getsun”?

Grassie: Oh, sure! It’s just across the water from Burnspoint here, so they won’t have to travel far to vote for me.

Hedge: Expecting any votes from Sønheim?

Grassie: Well, you know how they have a lot of landslides in the mountains?

Hedge: I suppose so . . .

Grassie: Then I’ll win it in a landslide! Have a campaign button. I designed them myself.

Hedge: No pin . . . ?

Grassie: You have to sew it on! That way you can’t change your mind in the middle of the campaign.

Hedge: Grassie, do you have any idea what a person needs in order to become President?

Grassie: Sure, they need to be elected!

Hedge: It takes a person of tremendous stamina. Rare ability, sound judgment. A mental genius!

Grassie: Aw, thanks.

Hedge: A president has to have courage — to show plenty of backbone!

Grassie: If you want to see backbone, wait until you see my new evening dress.

Hedge: You have to be a leader! People have to want to get behind you!

Grassie: Well, wait until you see my new evening dress.

Hedge: You have to have determination, to let people see what you’re made of —

Hedge & Grassie: . . .

Hedge: All right, let me see your new evening dress. Say good night, Grassie.

Grassie: Good night!

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Poor Hydrangea Von Zell’s gonna get fired for this isn’t he. And where’s Hibiscus and Blandfordia Morton?

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