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Hedge & Grassie: Soul Masquerade Costume

Hedge & Grassie: Soul Masquerade Costume published on 4 Comments on Hedge & Grassie: Soul Masquerade Costume

I realize it’s a little early for Halloween references…but all the free space in October is booked up with vampire strips.


Hedge: I’m in no hurry to get home today, Bell . . . I know what’s cooking.

Bell: Burned another dinner, huh?

Hedge: Very funny, comedian. No, my problem is — the Soul Masquerade is next week. That means, as soon as I get home, Grassie’s going to ask me for money for a fancy new costume.

[Princess Evrose (fictional heroine)]
[Acai (celebrity/historical figure)]

If she just asked me straight out, I wouldn’t mind! But she’s gotta go through this whole routine.

She flatters me. The minute I walk through the door, she’ll say, “My, you’re handsome today! What strong shoulders. What a trim waist. What long legs.”

Now watch.

Grassie: Hello, ladies!

Bell: Hi, Grassie.

Grassie: My, you’re handsome today! What strong shoulders. What long legs.

Hedge: Ahem — you left out the waist.

Grassie: Oh yes!

What a trim waist.

Hedge: Now back to the legs.

Grassie: What long legs.

Yes . . . you’re quite a woman, Bell! I wish Hedge filled out her suits as well as you do.

Hedge: Grassie, I thought you were flattering me, to get a new Soul Masquerade costume for next week.

Grassie: That’s next week?! Hedge, quick, I need a hundred crowns right away!

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