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Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 11/12

Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 11/12 published on 7 Comments on Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 11/12

Alternate quips for Thorn in panel 2:

“No more than my whole life has been a series of wacky unsanctioned misadventures.”

So many misadventures! You could make a whole spinoff out of them.”

WiB: . . . wait. Did you have a series of wacky unsanctioned-time-travel misadventures?

Future Thorn: The less you know, the less you can accidentally let slip to Acai.

WiB: Yeah. Fair.

This should happen less as the day goes on . . . Either way, just follow the plan and don’t worry, okay?

Future Thorn: I won’t! You got this.

Don’t worry, she says. My daughter can only set off a little shattering of all time and space! For this, I should worry??

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When did Future Thorn become my Jewish grandmother? <3

Are we getting a Sunday finisher?? I can only wonder. I have no clue what Erin is saving for the last page of the chapter. Part of me hopes they’ll mention Kale, but I swear I care about other characters besides him LOL

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