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Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 2/12

Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 2/12 published on 12 Comments on Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 2/12

Acai: Well, thirty-some years ago, a lady and another lady loved each other very much . . . Wait, was that the “dad” you were after?

WiB: I don’t mean present-day Thorn!

There’s another Thorn in this time period — and he’s from the year I’m from!

Acai: What, really?

I suppose that would explain the snag.

WiB: There’s a “snag.”

Acai: Oh, yes. Not every time I rewind the loop . . . but a few of the times.

WiB: And you didn’t tell me?

Acai: Funny thing about time, is . . . You would not believe how common it is to have a snag.

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The snags are actually all Thorn.

How often is Acai looping?

Unless Future!Thorn just happened to pop into Grassie’s studio *because* there was a loop that day, it would seem like a massive coincidence for there to be a loop then?

Unless… maybe Acai can’t rewind *past* days that Thorn got mixed up in, because he’s had an effect on the timeline but won’t be able to replicate it identically, so nope, that day’s fixed and unchangeable now? And Acai has to reroute and find other changes she can make *after* the snag?

You’d think she’d have worked out a lot of this, before she worked out the usefulness of unmemorability spells (you know, what Future!Thorn doesn’t have)

The fun thing about replicating the effect on timeline identically is that the easiest way to do it is to NOT tell Thorn anything. He’s likely to replicate his effect quite well without any additional info, but anything you tell him can change what he will do.

Obviously, the snag doesn’t prevent her from rewinding. It probably just makes it little harder.

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