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Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 6/12

Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 6/12 published on 11 Comments on Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 6/12

Acai: . . . Go talk to your father. Find out what he’s doing now. Then crash the loop, report back to me, and we’ll talk it over. You can think of a quick way to crash it on purpose by now, yeah?

WiB: Well . . . I could call Agent M and sic her on Dex. But even knowing it’ll get reversed,I don’t feel . . .

Acai: You could call me, and I’ll crash it, by . . .

. . . hmm, telling President Romarin to bomb Homu would probably do the

WiB: Checking I have Agent M’s callsign now

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Wait, if she crashes the timeline quickly she will talk with an earlier Version of Future Thorn, but he will not remember he talked to her so she can’t get him to do something differently and has to work around what ever he is up to. Did I get it right?

No, there’s only one Future!Thorn. And he’s not resetting.

Each time the cracks appear, he “falls” from one loop into the middle of another one – he notices discontinuities in events, but the time of day appears to be moving continuously forward to him.

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Okay, the expression “earlier version” is unclear, I meant earlier in his personal timeline which is different from the timeline WIB and Acai are experiencing. Unlike everybody else who is resetting in every loop.
Acai said Every time the loop he’s in resets . . . he falls into some other loop that’s gotten further ahead. So his next loop is not necessarily the next loop for WIB.

It’s true that, even if the WIB met Thorn from earlier in his personal timeline, it won’t do any good.

She’ll have to wait until later in the loop. When he shows up then, she’ll know it’s a version of him from later in his own personal timeline, so they can pick up the conversation where they both left off.

…Wow. Acai is well and truly gone by now.

The following post is not meant as a flat disagreement, but is rather written from what I feel is Acai’s perspective:

I mean… Does any life really matter when she’s ordering her agent to deliberately crash timelines for convenience’s sake? They’re gonna keep dying every loop anyway until WiB finds her way into the Dawn of a New Day.

In fact, this might be more merciful, in a way. Maybe President Romarin issuing that order is enough to crash the timeline before the bomber airships can even leave the pad!

Crashing timeline doesn’t kill anyone. It “rewinds” them day back. That said, I think telling something like this is neither easiest way to crash the timeline nor the one Acai would actually do. So yeah she’s messing with Mulberry.

Also yes issuing such order will likely crash the timeline already, without any bomber ship involved.

Is death or other significant harm really the only way to break the loop? Wouldn’t something like ordering the entire embassy staff deported, or burning down some national landmark also work?

Something disrupted the loop in See You Again.

We know that Kale physically is alive and well because he’s right there. There’s no obvious harm that seems likely to have happened to Dex. Perhaps Kale learning about time travel causes the crash, or realizing that his currently seemingly unrequited crush on Thorn comes to fruition in the future (a future?).

I would say that anything which can’t be reverted and didn’t happen in “correct” timeline do. Now, deporting embassy technically can be reverted but it likely would have permanent effect on diplomatic relationships so …

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