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Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 8/12

Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 8/12 published on 8 Comments on Hi, Unmemorable, I’m… 8/12

Future Thorn: M–

WiB: Stick with “Agent,” please, you don’t have stealth tech —

Future Thorn: Agent!!

So, I came back to warn you about a thing, but it looks like you already know about the thing, and there’s a non-zero chance that I caused the thing.

WiB: Good news! You did not cause the thing.

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Looks like everyone in the future wears grey. Either this is a dystopia thing or they don’t seperate their laundry loads in the future.

I feel like people who do as much time travel as these two have more important concerns than color separating their clothes. Sometimes, when one sees multiple people from the future, the generalizations one can safely make are less about the future and more about people who travel from the future.

Mulberry is wearing a purple and burgundy shirt! She’s just got a grey/black coat on. It is winter, people’s choices in outerwear are often less vibrant than the kind of stuff they might wear at home.

Also, they probably don’t want to stand out too much. Also also, they’re related. Maybe they just have similar tastes.

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