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Holiday Special 2015

Holiday Special 2015 published on 3 Comments on Holiday Special 2015

Like most societies on planets with an axis, Sønheim and Ceannis have “wow, it is cold and dark and miserable right now, so let’s light some fires and eat a bunch of rich food” winter holidays.

Since Sønheim gets the coldest and darkest, they have the best (and most marketable) holiday traditions. By the modern age, a fair portion of the people in neighboring countries — including Ceannis — are basically just celebrating their own adaptations of Szélanyanatt.

(Regular storyline continues tomorrow!)


  • From Sønheim’s traditional “yes, we survived the solstice! Soon we’ll get more than two hours of sunlight every day!” celebration.
  • Young girls dress up as the semi-mythologized historical Szélanya, and pass around traditional holiday treats.
  • Another Sønska tradition: elaborately-patterned wool garments.
  • “Let me share with you the ugly sweaters of my people.”

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