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Homecoming 1/24

Homecoming 1/24 published on 1 Comment on Homecoming 1/24

Capitol city of Ceannis: President Romarin’s office.

President Romarin: I hope you’ve called on me for a good reason. Normally I can tolerate last-minute appointments . . . but I expect better from the Ministry of Prophecy.

Minister Persil: My apologies, Lady President!

We’ve had an important fire reading concerning our neighbors to the north. I knew you’d want as much notice as possible. Once Sønheim has named their new ambassador to Ceannis . . .

. . . you need to assign Thorn and his team to guard the embassy.

Romarin: Is that so. Thank you, Minister. Now I need to know one more thing . . .

Who the frell is “Thorn”?

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