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Homecoming 13/24

Homecoming 13/24 published on 1 Comment on Homecoming 13/24

Gate graphic brought to you with a little help from tigers-stock.


Holly: This isn’t even where I was supposed to be right now. The whole reason I was supposed to do my apprenticeship with this team is because you were out at the observatory.

Now we’re in the middle of the city, where half the time you can’t see the stars at all . . .

Thorn: Thorn to team: shift change in fifteen.

Holly: . . . ooh, look, it’s a dog! C’mere, puppy! Who’s a good dog, huh? Who?

Thorn: Also, police alert from a few blocks away. They busted an illegal breeding operation —

— and one of the hellhounds isn’t accounted for.


Juniper: Juniper to Thorn. Exciting news! We have a visual on the hellhound.

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