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Homecoming 15/24

Homecoming 15/24 published on 4 Comments on Homecoming 15/24

Thorn: North gate, do you need backup?

Juniper: Negative. The kid has the flames out —

Oh, wait, now it’s sneezing them. And — whoa! It’s through the gates. Headed west.

Thorn: West gate, that’s me. I called in a lockdown for the building, and I’m on the move.

Juniper: Boss, if this is gonna be rough, I’m sure we can flank it by our–

Thorn: I’m up for it. No matter how on-fire this thing is, it’s still just a very bad dog.

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don’t know if this is a silly question and i’m just not seeing it, but is there an update schedule for this comic? 🙂

Six days a week, Sunday through Friday! I’ll put it on the About page.

Right now the new strips appear at midnight, GMT. Eventually that’ll switch to EST (which is my time zone). I just scheduled a bunch of them with the default Wordpress time zone, and don’t feel like going back and redoing them all for the sake of a few hours’ difference ^_^;

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