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Homecoming 24/24

Homecoming 24/24 published on 5 Comments on Homecoming 24/24

Leif (thinking): That went well!

Ragnild: You got Ketil back! Good job!

Leif (thinking): Thån was being literal about where he keeps his sword. It wasn’t innuendo. Not that it would’ve been so bad if it was . . . And it looked so magical! Like something out of a saga.

He seemed to really care about me, even with his own life in peril . . . and even after I hit him with that branch.

He’s such a nice person! Such a shame he’s a foreigner. Someone like that almost deserves to be Sønska.

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OO! Tattoo? means what? mm?

I wonder if nationality is going to be a bigger barrier than gender, for Leif, on the romancing Thorn, given those closing thoughts.

You’ll find out!

Homophobia (along with transphobia) is totally not a thing in this universe. Sønska nationalism, unfortunately, is. Not to get too ahead of ourselves, though, because Leif isn’t even considering romance right now…he just thinks Thorn is nice, and caring, and fun to look at.

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