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Homecoming 3/24

Homecoming 3/24 published on 6 Comments on Homecoming 3/24

After a few more hints:

Height: 174pm
Weight: 135wg
Bloodtype: O+
Sign: Adharcach
Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: cheese puffs
Favorite subject: chorus
Graduated: 1337, Fenouil University
Thorn Estragon

Briony: This is definitely the right Thorn. He’s been in the defense forces for a decade, and got his own team a few years ago.

President Romarin: How’s the rest of his CV?

Briony: Impressive. Great aim, unwavering loyalty, well respected by his colleagues . . .

Oh, and he slew the Wyrm of Ruraidh. Pretty much singlehandedly.

Romarin: Seriously? Someone should give him a medal for that.

Briony: You did, Lady President. Last year.

Romarin: Oh, right! Good for me.

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Came here from “Cat Person” – three strips in and already super excited for this story 😀 Seems like an interesting world you’ve started here and I look forward to exploring it throughout the story!

PS I’m also intrigued to see your take on vampires and how much they may or may not draw on the Hellsing vampires, given your initial works 😉

Welcome! If you enjoy it half as much as I do, it’s gonna be a good time =D

The first few vampire characters will be showing up in a few more storylines. Their place in the worldbuilding is very different from anything I’ve written before, but their sense of presence and aesthetic (and menace!) is very much Hellsing-inspired.

I love that it lists his favourite colour, favourite food, and favourite subject. 😂 Why is that? Is it to help the Ministry of Prophecy in cases just such as this?

And what’s their measurement system? What’s a “pm” and a “wg”?

Parody of the character profiles with lots of random details that you get in anime/manga extras.

The measurement system is “I didn’t want to sit down and figure out specific, realistic weights/heights for these characters, so I gave some numbers in made-up units.”

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