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Homecoming 8/24

Homecoming 8/24 published on 5 Comments on Homecoming 8/24

West Gate.

Thorn (thinking): The warding feels pretty strong here, too. And even if something got past, there are security forces from Sønheim all around the embassy building.

There’s even shielding against projectiles. That’ll keep the rain out . . . and it means people can’t shoot through it.

If I was fortifying this place, I’d say its defenses are in great shape — without an extra layer of Ceannic guards.

Leif: Hello again! What are you doing here?

Thorn: You know, I have no idea.

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given Erin’s tag line, Thorn, I think you are here to forward diplomacy by boldly coming. onto this gentleman. and thus keep him out of trouble.


(Erin – your new kids are adorable!)

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