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How Mata Met Pato (tl;dr: on the net)

How Mata Met Pato (tl;dr: on the net) published on 15 Comments on How Mata Met Pato (tl;dr: on the net)

Some romantic backstory for the itty-bitty engineers.

The Tamaputian tradition for married couples is to mash up their original last names into a single portmanteau. In this case, Kaimahi + Waihanga = Kaihanga. That’s right, it’s a whole culture with institutionalized smushnames.

Matatuhi Kaimahi [forum]
Another roadblock in the prototype tartooka. I think it’s a glitch in the whocarnio flooks, but can’t narrow it down any more than that?? Photos attached. All help appreciated!!

Patotara Waihanga [forum]
ur probably getting interference from the tringlers

swap in a different power coupling

it’ll be less efficient, but on the plus side, it’ll work at all

Mata: No, it’s fine! I just went on my lunch break anyway. What are YOU up to?

Pato [text]:
>> thus the increased continental market for “adorable tiny things”
>> or as we call them: “things”

Mata [text]:
nbd just thinking of you

Mata: ACEAS is in your town this year? BRB, submitting all my geological engineering papers . . .


Mata: Pato! I can’t believe it. We’re actually here! In the same room! Together! What should we do first?

. . . okay, these popular mechanics memes are the BEST. Reblogging now so you can see.

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Eeeeeeeeee, too cute! So many things to love here: Mata pinup, Dr. Suess words, the fact that Pato’s avatar is a duck, Pato’s stuffed duck, and smush names!

Is Mata Trans? It looks like he has top surgery scars, which he partly covered up with the feather tattoo.

I figured their gadgets would have a lot in common with those of Whos down in Whoville.

Those are top surgery scars, yes!

Yay! So is Pato a he or a they? I realized after I posted my first comment that I had just assumed both of them were male.

Pato is also a he, yes. (Thus “husband.”)

I knew Pato means duck, but there has to be something else I’m missing with the names here…

If I remember correctly, one of the meanings of Mata’s name is a group of fish. Fish have fins->Phineas.
They are also basically Phineas and Ferb from the titular cartoon; Erin confirmed it was a reference. I am trying to connect Pato’s name to Ferb, but the closest thing I can think of is if his first name is also a name of a herb plant that starts with F. Herb is pronounced like erb and if you the the f sound before saying herb, it sounds like Ferb.

I am entirely in favor of a culture with institutionalized smushnames.

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