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I Got Eight Problems… 15/27

I Got Eight Problems… 15/27 published on 5 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 15/27

Iona: Gimme a push, Ragnild! I just remembered, we’re in a hurry.

Ragnild: Yeah.

Leif: Hold on! What are you young ladies up to? Do any adults know about it? And What does it have to do with tentacles? If you’re getting involved with illegal transformation magic —


Leif: This is important — young miss, please, don’t go until —


Leif: Oww.

Ragnild: Serves you right. If you’d grabbed Iona instead of me, I woulda smacked you.


Leif: Thån? They’re gone. You can come out.

I think the children may have been involved in this! You didn’t see, but young miss Iona has a condition with her legs, such that she would be a lot more mobile if she replaced them with tentacles, and —

Thorn: Slow, slow! I cannot follow Sønska that fast. Also: you have been hurt?

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