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I Got Eight Problems… 16/27

I Got Eight Problems… 16/27 published on 8 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 16/27

One of those times when both characters are playing “guess the meaning of the word from context” — and both getting it not-quite-right.


Leif: It’s okay, sir!

Thorn: Thorn.

Leif: Thån.

Thorn: You’re shaking! Let me see.

Leif: It’s only a normal “don’t touch” compulsion for servants. I should have known better. The shock will heal in a few minutes.

Thorn: Do you want help with that?


Leif: Um . . .

Thorn: A guy in my line of work isn’t going to walk around without a healing gem on hand. It’s “sapphire” in Ceanska.

Leif: Lapis lazuli?

Thorn: Sounds right!

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Why are the Sonska such jerks to their service workers?

Well, they’re just servants, right? If they wanted to matter, they should have been born into a different social strata – one that isn’t best suited to being ignored! (/snobbish British accent from the 1910’s)

But seriously, this is a decent example of a rigid class system, a social construct that is stupidly (and I DO mean STUPIDLY) common in annuls of human history, a couple of which are still alive to this day.

That’s about the size of it.

In fairness to Ragnild, she’s just a kid — she and Iona aren’t at the stage where they can reliably separate “non-neutral cultural norms that we can potentially critique and discard” from “just the way the world works.”

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