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I Got Eight Problems… 18/27

I Got Eight Problems… 18/27 published on 3 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 18/27

Thorn (thinking): I don’t get it — this should have worked — would the embassy give its servants healing-resistant injuries? But why —

Holly (flashback): The place is an oasis of Sønheim’s native magic. Uncontrolled crossover with Ceannis’ magic can cause bad reactions.

Thorn (flashback): All right.

Thorn: I forgot! This will not work in here. Do you have your own healing tools?

Leif: We have some first aid kits, but I’m okay, really!

Thorn (thinking): He still has these anxieties about my rank . . . maybe if I make it an order . . .

Thorn: Go, get a kit and use it. Now!

Leif: Yes, sir!

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