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I Got Eight Problems… 20/27

I Got Eight Problems… 20/27 published on 4 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 20/27

Juniper: “Daughter”, of all the . . . Look, Holly, you’re sure this will bring Thorn’s legs back?

Holly: I’m sure.

You can call my actual parent if you want to double-check my potion design. Mom is kinda famous for this.

Juniper: I trust your work, it’s just . . . What if there’s another bad reaction with that Sønheic magic? Like the fireball a few weeks ago.

Holly: That wasn’t a reaction with Sønheic magic! That was hellhounds being extra fire-resistant. Besides, this is a whole different thing. That was a spell. This is chemistry.

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Wouldn’t the correct field name be “alchemy”?

Not really, this isn’t a D&D campaign desperately trying to keep everything “medieval-ish”.
Alchemy isn’t just magical chemistry: its a religion that tries to find enlightenment TROUGH the understanding of properties of the world, to understand the mechanisms behind Creation and thus understand God.

Chemistry is a modern science that dropped that excess, religious baggage and “just” studies materials (and their composition and reactions, I’m not a dictionary).

To them, magic is science and science is magic.

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