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I Got Eight Problems… 21/27

I Got Eight Problems… 21/27 published on 5 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 21/27

Sønheim Embassy.

Leif: Hello, Katya! Did you hear? Our foreign guards stopped a package with an illegal compound in it.

Unrelated . . . you take care of the kids sometimes, right? Do they ever chatter about plans to strengthen Miss Iona’s legs?

Maybe not necessarily legal —

Katya: No, Leif. I’ve never heard the children talk about anything like that.

Leif: Okay.

Katya (signing): Someone important did this. Don’t pry.

Leif (signing): Understood.

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Question: is purple hair a genetic trait of one/some of the ethnic groups you described earlier? Related question: what is Leif’s ethnic makeup?
(btw third line from the bottom of the transcript has a typo)

Different hair colors are more common in some regions than others, but there’s no hard-line “purple hair = ethnicity X” rule.

…shhh, don’t draw attention to the fact that I haven’t named/mapped the major Sønska ethnic groups yet.

(typo fixed, thanks!)

Sign language, interesting. Do only the servant classes have it, or is there a different type for the elites?

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