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I Got Eight Problems… 22/27

I Got Eight Problems… 22/27 published on 2 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 22/27



Thorn: Juniper?

Juniper: Hey, Thorn. We’re at the South Gate with your antidote — and pants. Send your boyfriend out to pick them up.

Thorn: Leif is my friend. And I’ll send him along once he gets back.

Juniper: Where’d he go?

Thorn: Had to run off and get some lotion. — Not a word.

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Thorn’s squad: Upgrading to Shippers On Deck!
That’s the most livid Thorn’s arm scar has been…!

It’s interesting, I use the same color palette from strip to strip, but the color-compression means the images that get posted don’t always look the same. Mostly it isn’t different enough to be noticeable…but the human eye is so sensitive to skin tones that little differences stand out.

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