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I Got Eight Problems… 23/27

I Got Eight Problems… 23/27 published on 6 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 23/27

Juniper: Are you sure you want to transform back right away? I hear some people have a thing for tentacles. Maybe Leif’s one of them.

Thorn: I am not going to ask.

Juniper: Of course, being Sønheic, he probably thinks it’s kinky just to see a person in less than three layers of furs . . .

Thorn: People don’t wear fur year-round in Sønheim! It’s temperate in the summer for at least a month.

Juniper: Uh-huh. Take off your tunic around him some time — I bet you anything seeing bare arms makes him blush.

Thorn: I don’t —

Juniper: If it does, invite him to help you out of your —

Holly: ENOUGH! There is a child present! I do not need to hear this!!

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Report: He doesn’t seem to be blushing, but he is concerned about Thorn’s scars.

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