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I Got Eight Problems… 24/27

I Got Eight Problems… 24/27 published on 2 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 24/27

Leif: I’m back!

Thorn: Oh, thank the stars. Good news: the remedy is here! Is your hand more good?

Leif: Yes, see? Also — I asked around, and the package couldn’t have been ordered from someone in the embassy.

Thorn: Thank you! Who did you ask?

Leif: The head valet in charge of overseeing the mail room.

Thorn: Huh?

Thorn (thinking): I got “in control” and “male room” out of that . . . or, wait, was it “mail room”?

Leif (thinking): Uh-oh. That was the most impressive position I could make up.

Leif: Don’t you have those in Ceannis?

Thorn: Must not. I’ll have to take your word for it.

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Why would “mail room” and “male room” be homophonic in both Sønska and Ceannic?

It’s a little confusing because both languages are rendered in English, but they’re only homophones in Sønska, which is why Thorn doesn’t know which Ceannic translation to use. I did the joke with words that are homophones in English to make it easier for readers to follow.

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