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I Got Eight Problems… 27/27

I Got Eight Problems… 27/27 published on 11 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 27/27

In the background, the first appearance of…a character whose name I’m sure some of you will guess. In the meantime, I’m tagging her as Secret Agent D.


Presidential Palace.

Secret Agent D: He turned into an octopus?

President Romarin: He got better. Still . . . this isn’t something we can shrug off.

Of course, our knights are only at the embassy to be guards, not to play spy for illegal activity . . .

. . . that’s your job.

Secret Agent D: Yes, Madam President.

Romarin: I should get glasses, so they can do a dramatic reflection in moments like these.

Secret Agent D: Shopping for you is not my job . . . right?

Romarin: Nope. You’re good.

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Delphine, probably.

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