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I Got Eight Problems… 3/27

I Got Eight Problems… 3/27 published on 4 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 3/27

Leif: Will he be okay?

Juniper: Yes. I don’t know how to say “his vitals are steady” in Sønheic . . . Here, hold his wrist — you feel that?

Leif: His heartbeat?

Juniper: Good. That’s his pulse, and its status is Good.

Thorn? Hey there, are you back with us?

Thorn: Ngh . . . Juniper? Leif? Wha’ happened?

Juniper: Somebody tried to sneak unauthorized magic into the embassy. You got a faceful of it. Leif here helped me carry you into the embassy garden while Holly works on a remedy.

Thorn: Remedy . . . ? What kind of magic was it?

Juniper: Um . . . transformation.

Thorn: What’s happened to me?

Juniper: Put it this way . . .

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Check Thorn’s hand in the third panel. It looks a bit off to me, like it’s transforming into a claw, or maybe a hoof. Take the chapter title into account (I’m thinking it refers to number of appendages), and my guess is that Thorn is turning into a crustacean.

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