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I Got Eight Problems… 4/27

I Got Eight Problems… 4/27 published on 10 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 4/27

At last, this octopus skin pattern makes its debut!


Juniper: . . . Can you feel your legs?

Thorn: Sure. My right leg is kinda sore . . . my left itches . . . and my other left has a cramp, and my other other left has —


Juniper: The good news is, we caught the perp! He’s in police custody — they’ll try to figure out if he was part of a group, or just a prankster. The bad news is that this will take a while to fix.

Also, that your pants are a lost cause.

Leif said he could help — I think. I don’t know that much Sønheic. Leif, explain him the thing.

Leif: The embassy has an outdoor pool. Do your new limbs need to stay wet? I can sneak you in there.

Thorn: Yes, please! He said there’s a pool he can take me to — and I think I need it.

Juniper: Got it.

I’ll bring you the remedy when it’s ready.

Thorn: And new pants!

Juniper: And new pants.

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Oh my god now I’m sad I didn’t say “it’s totally octopus legs” on Friday’s comic because I thought it was gonna be octopus legs then and now nobody’s gonna believe me

With SmallAustrianVillage mentioning the arc title and tentacles, wouldn’t that be duplicit?

I hadn’t actually read the previous pages comments when I wrote my earlier one, if you mean redundant or duplicatory? And when I did, I read the discussion as meaning that there are many organisms which can have tentacles (SmallAustrianVillage’s comment reads as pointing to octopus to me but then that was what I was already thinking, so…) and Seth mentioned crustacean whilst octopi (if I have that plural right) are cephalopods, so actually stating ‘octopus’ would have been a fair enough clarification I think – as well as the chance to enjoyably be proved right which is always fun!

(apologies if I am being too pedantic, I am something of a pedant (and know it all) by both nature and by employment, and I try to reign it in on the internet but it escapes at times)

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