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I Got Eight Problems… 8/27

I Got Eight Problems… 8/27 published on 11 Comments on I Got Eight Problems… 8/27

Leif: How did you get a thing like that? Why haven’t you had it healed yet? Why —

Thorn: It is personal.

Leif: I’m sorry! I was forgetting my place. I’m so sorry.

Thorn: Leif . . .

You’re just worried, yes? You have never seen a thing like this before.

Leif: Not on someone as important as you, sir!

Thorn: You don’t have to “sir” me. We are friends, yes? This looks bad, maybe. But it doesn’t hurt anymore. I promise.

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For the past week or so, the comic has been fuzzy and unreadable on my mobile (Apple) devices. In case you weren’t aware

I haven’t done anything different with the website or the images, so my first guess is that it’s the device. Could you have inadvertently zoomed out, or something?

Site-specific troubleshooting:

Is it just a problem with the comic images, or all the images on the website, or the text too?

Is it only in recent posts, or has it retroactively happened to the whole site?

Is it happening with any other websites? (But I’m A Cat Person would be the first one to check.)

It does it on my iPad and my iPhone, consistently. The banner is fine, and I honestly don’t have good enough eyesight to tell if the thumbnails on the side are blurry or not. Text is fine. It’s not happening with BCIP, and yes it’s retroactively done it to all the comics–started about a week ago. Just double checked my phone and it’s still there. Might be an Apple specific problem?

Some Googling suggests that your devices have a retina display, which is designed to be super-high-res…at the cost of making some images look blurry because they aren’t super-high-res.

Since it’s only happening to the comics…Leif & Thorn uses a different Wordpress layout from BICP, so the former might be applying some code to the comic images that the latter doesn’t, causing your devices to display it oddly.

Trouble is, I haven’t done anything to the L&T layout recently, and you say the fuzziness only started last week….

Probably worth running this by someone at Apple tech support. (I don’t even have an iPhone or an iPad, so I’m totally flying in the dark here.)

One other thing to test: can you disable the page style and see if that changes anything?

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