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In A Fishbowl 3/15

In A Fishbowl 3/15 published on 8 Comments on In A Fishbowl 3/15

Jasmine: Next question: You two here about the same cult? Any risk we’ll get a Dramatic Reveal that you indoctrinated each other?

Kale: Mine was centered in Montmere. Part of the reason I moved to Central is so I wouldn’t meet many people I personally . . . indoctrinated.

Larch: I was technically not in a cult — just a really cult-y family! Lucky for the world, Mom never got ambitious enough to start recruiting.

Jasmine: Larch, you never worked for Northwind?

Larch: Nope!

Jasmine: Kale, you’re not secretly Larch’s long-lost half-sibling?

Kale: Uh . . . no.

Jasmine: Then we’re good.

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Hmm… Jasmine quickly made the leap from Montmere to Northwind; did Northwind spawn a lot of cults? Or is the company now commonly known as one big cult? Did Kale reveal anything by saying “… people I personally indoctrinated”?

I think it’s probably the equivalent of saying “Mine was centered in Waco.” Like, possibly it’s a different cult, but that area is well-known for one cult in particular.

As for how revealing it is… idk, I highly doubt Kale’s mind powers were the only form of indoctrination that scheme used.

I’m still worried that just hearing “Northwind” might cause someone to look at a picture and notice the resemblance, though…

I’m also nervous about this, but keep in mind that all the higher ups are already aware of the situation and have plans in place ahead of time in case his identity ends up leaking to the public. They’ve been preparing for Kale going public since M!Thorn arrived. I want to believe he’ll be okay whenever it does happen.

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