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In The Deep End 10/17

In The Deep End 10/17 published on 2 Comments on In The Deep End 10/17

Speaking of “displaced people who are surprised to run into different-age versions of their love interests”…new Off-Shoots page!

The Traveler 2

Thorn: Hey. Breathe. We will work this out, okay? We just need to take the time to know we’re doing it right.

You said a “Magical Kudzu” sent you here. What’s he like?

MThorn: Uh . . . Complicated?

Thorn: We can do yes-or-no questions, if that would be easier. Has he ever murdered anyone?

MThorn: No! . . . That I know of! I hope not??

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S Thorn, did Kudzu steal anyone’s energy here? M Thorn indicated that’s what M Kudzu’s plots basically always are.

But then there’s also the aspect that Kudzu only killed people once he realized what was really going on. It doesn’t sound like M Thorn and his team have done anything to figure out what M Kudzu’s efforts are about.

It may not be Northwind. It’s conceivable that M Kudzu’s energy needs are for helping his nibling directly without the training he’d need to do it efficiently. Or it could be some other big bad organization that’s pulling the strings.

That having been said, the information that S Thorn’s Kudzu wasn’t operating independently could be a game changer for M Thorn dealing with his primary adversary.

in the Magical Thorn Part Seven we saw that both M!Kudzu and his “Dark Mistress” Alfhild answer to a shadowy “Board”.

I’m guessing that, much like M!Leif ‘lives in official orphan apartment and does a work-study program.’ instead of ‘lives and works at the Sønheim embassy’, M!Kudzu ‘Works for Evil Magicals, LLC (1)’ instead of “Works for Northwind Prismaceuticals’, and they’re skimming a little off the top to keep M!Calyx alive at this point because M!Kudzu has proven to be so effective in KEEPING the energy he steals.

(1) Because all the liability is on our contractors dohohohoho~! </statlerandwaldorf>

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