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In The Deep End 2/17

In The Deep End 2/17 published on 6 Comments on In The Deep End 2/17

Thorn doesn’t necessarily think Sønheim left the bug…but he knows the eavesdropper will be able to find someone who can translate, and he wants to scold them without Magical Thorn understanding.

…I’m just calling the kid “MThorn” in the transcript for now. Readers, let me know if that works!

Meanwhile, this month’s Patron-exclusive wallpaper: something cute with the “Magical Thorn AU Leif, Thorn, and Kale/Kudzu” trio:

MThorn: Uh, I was still holding up fine, really . . .

Thorn: Good, because I need you to stop here for one more scan.

MThorn: What’s this one for?

Thorn: Checking for anything that I wouldn’t want to bring home.

MThorn: What’s that? . . . Is it stealing my energy?

Thorn: Sort of. Hi, yes, we will give the lost and scared teenager some privacy.

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Maybe we could keep calling them Sir Thorn and Magical Thorn for now, but I can imagine how annoying it might get in universe to have someone call for “Thorn” and they both turn.

Maybe, but probably not. I feel fairly confident we’ll be calling them Sir and Magical before the week is out.

I do still find it mildly amusing that M still seems to think everything is about stealing his energy. Will S be able to enlighten them. Will he even try?

So who planted the chip? Embassy or a Ceannis bureaucrat? Certainly the Embassy has a history of doing so, and Thorn’s decision to reply in Sønska makes it clear what he thinks, but I wouldn’t put it past the Ceannis government to make the attempt.

All else being equal, I would also guess Sonheim. But all else is not equal: Since leaving the Embassy Magical Thorn has been scanned in a Ceannic facility which ought to have been at least as good at catching spelltech bugs as Thorn’s handheld unit. That changes my judgement on which origin is more likely.

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