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In The Deep End 3/17

In The Deep End 3/17 published on 5 Comments on In The Deep End 3/17

Thorn: We’re taking the train to Crown Hill . . . Uh, does your world have subways?

MThorn: Yes, I know what a train is!

Thorn: Okay! Just checking.

You must have a million questions about my life . . . I’ll start answering once we’re home.

One thing that’s not too sensitive for me to say out here is . . . It gets easier.

MThorn: Thanks? Um. What does?

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Oof his mom isn’t dead, huh?

Quite possibly, considering that I think he’s about the same age as when it happened in this universe, iirc? Still, I interpreted it more as “Well, you’re a version of *me*, so I can only assume that you’ve been traumatized in some fashion,” hence the vagueness of “It gets easier” as a general catch-all to help one cope with traumatic experiences.

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