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In The Deep End 5/17

In The Deep End 5/17 published on 5 Comments on In The Deep End 5/17

Tiernan can see the fourth wall!

This character is, somehow, from beyond the fourth wall?!?

Thorn: Okay! We have takeout, but no supplies for you yet. It’s fine. For tonight, you can sleep in something from my closet.

At least we know we’re the same —

MThorn: Tiernan!

Tiernan (thinking): WHAT IS HAPPENING

MThorn: Ooh, I am so happy to see you! You don’t even know!

Is one of the “things too sensitive to say in public” that secretly you can talk?

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Ooh boy hopefully he has the “hey, there’s someone here who LOOKS like Kudzu but you better not freak out because he’s NOT the same person and I don’t want you to get arrested again and also traumatize my friend…. again” talk soon now that they’re at the apartment complex he also lives in.

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