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In The Deep End 6/17

In The Deep End 6/17 published on 5 Comments on In The Deep End 6/17

Thorn: My Tiernan is a service pet. I got her as part of PTSD therapy — she helps me manage the symptoms.

And the PTSD is from the adventure that gave me the burns. So maybe you’re safe?

MThorn: Maybe! My Tiernan got me into adventuring — she gave me the magical item that unlocked my powers. Yours looks so much like . . . are you sure she can’t talk?

Thorn: I mean, not that I know of. How about it, girl? Have you been holding out on me?

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So I consulted my headcanon due to Magical’s question, and found out that there’s just one Tiernan, so absolutely Tiernan can talk. It’s just that he’s contractually obligated to never talk in Sir’s presence, as much of his therapeutic value is being someone who can understand Thorn but could never be critical of him. If Sir *knew* Tiernan could talk, that second part falls away, especially with how snarky Tiernan is.

But in the other AU, he’s contractually obligated to answer Magical’s questions in the most humorous technically accurate way he can. So he’s kind of shocked about the seeming contractual ambiguity of the situation.

I mean, the contracts are pretty clear, so he needs to not talk here. But it becomes a bit more murky once he’s alone with Magical. I think the contracts still call for him to stay silent, but it feels like one of those dicey situations where one really needs to get a lawyer and I’m not one. Especially notable is that I’m not Tiernan’s lawyer, and I think he needs a good one.

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