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In The Deep End 8/17

In The Deep End 8/17 published on 15 Comments on In The Deep End 8/17

me when I talk to teenagers who are in the same fandom

Thorn: An extra bed hasn’t shown up either . . . so you can take the bedroom tonight. I’ll crash on the couch.

MThorn: Oh, you can stay in the bed! Won’t the couch be bad for your back?

Thorn: . . . How old do you think I am?

MThorn: Uh . . .

Pretty old? Close to the age of my moms? At least 40?

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My current fandom is decidedly Not For Minors so the youngest person I talk to regularly there is twenty (and he fully acknowledges that he’s The Baby and that the rest of us being older is the default).


This is absolutely me whenever I communicate with my husband’s kid cousins.

How old is Thorn?

Take it as a compliment Thorn, you’ve seen some stuff and your wisdom and experience shows.

Though of course the instant you hit 21, being mistaken for older than you are is no longer a compliment.

On my first job in my industry out of college, I worked as a contractor. My contracting company knew exactly how old I was. The customer didn’t. The customer was a very big international company and the role I was in was needed a lot of different places in their organization. I bounced around a little at first, but after a year, I was finally stably in one particular department.

At the first weekly team meeting, I noted they were doing something that wasn’t quite right. There was a software practice that they should have been following but weren’t, according to both the school I went to and most of the different departments within their organization I’d passed through. I had some bad experiences speaking up with questions on process in class, so I waited until after the meeting to talk to the meeting chair about that practice.

I explained the practice they were missing, and it made immediate sense to her. She wasn’t one of the people who refused to do the practice because they didn’t believe in it, she just came from a different background and nobody told her about it. There were other people in the department who were opposed to it, but she was the boss for the team so could make her own call regarding whether the team did it.

In the next meeting, she started out by talking about the practice, and explained how useful I had found it in my “many years of professional experience”.

On the one hand, I absolutely understand and tend to agree with your point about post 20. On the other hand, it felt good to get that kind of respect as an RCG with a single year of industry experience since school. I did correct her once I was able to talk to her without an audience, but I was tempted to not.

The 60 year old in the wings is sitting here snerking at the lot of you. BTW my husband still regularly sleeps on the couch on garbage days because the bins have to go out at the crack of dawn so the bears don’t have time to get at them before their picked up and he doesn’t want to disturb my sleep doing it.

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