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In The Same Boat 10/44

In The Same Boat 10/44 published on 6 Comments on In The Same Boat 10/44

As it says on Crystalpedia, red and black are the iconic color choices for shoulder imps.

Dex’s imp, however, is wearing the orange and yellow from Kudzu’s costume. Hm. Hmmmm.

In other news, join us on Patreon for this month’s delicious wallpaper:

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Shoulder faerie: Last time you went rogue, you had incomplete intel and hurt people who maybe didn’t deserve it! Let’s not risk that again.

Shoulder imp: I just bet you can use this somehow. Bargain with the UI government for asylum? Blackmail the smugglers for a free ride?

Faerie: Listen to your Inner Voice of Social Consciousness!

Imp: Listen to your Inner Voice of Ruthless Self-Interest —

Inner Hermosa: Animals are in danger? Dexie, honey, you need to go protect the animals!

Faerie: Ooh, forget everything we said!

Imp: Listen to the Inner Voice of your Compassionate and Brilliant Ex-Vet Husband.

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So Dex is going to protect the invasive species?

I’m not sure which animals they’re considering to be in danger, the smuggled ones or the animals in the island ecosystem.

Why not both? The invasive species aren’t any more at fault than the non-invasive ones. Save ’em all! Even the native species are in danger, as the smugglers might ‘cut bait’ and dump ’em into the bay if they think they’re gonna be caught. That wouldn’t be good, even for any fishies that may be saltwater-native, due to temperature shock.

The animals aren’t an invasive species *yet*. They only become invasive once they’re in a new environment that can’t handle them. The boat is making multiple stops. If Tamapoa isn’t the next stop – and it looks like there’s three before there – then it’s possible they just need to make sure the animals get off in the next three stops.

Of course, it could be more complicated than that. Just because we know for certain the animals would be an invasive species on Tamapoa, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be an invasive species on Boedros, Elaphebos, or Gamelios. It’s also possible for one or more of those stops to be problematic for the smuggled animals. One or more of them could have a climate that wouldn’t work for the animals, or might not have food they could eat, or they could be subject to severe predation.

That said, Dex has multiple competing interests here, and they can only cater to most of them by exposing the smugglers.

…honestly, they haven’t figured out the details yet. They’re just planning to go scope out the area, do some more on-the-fly googling, and work out what to actually *do* from there.

(Hermosa’s influence can give them a conscience, but sadly it can’t beam Expert Animal Knowledge directly into their head.)

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