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In The Same Boat 15/44

In The Same Boat 15/44 published on 7 Comments on In The Same Boat 15/44

Kahu in Tamaputian: (speaks like an average person)

Kahu in Ceannic: (speaks like an article from a technical encyclopedia)

Dex: Hold on, let me dial down the stealth tech. I’m here to help.

Kahu: Wh-who are you?

Dex: I’m an undercover agent –

– with the UI Fish & Wildlife Service.

Kahu: . . . wow. Fish & Wildlife is way more hardcore than I thought. I’m Kahu. Kahutaroa Wairua.

Dex: Ah, my Tamaputian is not good – How’s your Islander?

Kahu: No Islander. Do you have any fluency in the main linguistic family of Ceannis?

Dex: That’s my favorite linguistic family! Where did you learn it?

Kahu: I acquired a working vocabulary to engage directly with the Ceannic-language scholarship in my field.

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I was about to ask why Dex went with saying they’re from the United Island Fish and Wildlife, and then I remembered, “Oh, right, Pas and Dex are Islanders.”

Plus, the font for Islander is really pretty, and “that’s my favorite linguistic family” is a wonderful wonderful line.

What I like is how easy people will believe BS like this in a situation. That’s not me being sarcastic either, they really do, and I love that Dex is using this.

What I like is how easily you buy that UI Fish & Wildlife Service doesn’t employ spies with stealth technology. Or do you just not expect them to actually catch smugglers like this?

My first reaction to seeing this was to think of possible ways Dex could get out of needing to know UI Fish & Wildlife Service practices, but then had one of those presence of mind moments. I don’t know that Dex never worked for them and never interacted with any of their people enough to know their practices.

Furthermore, there’s a huge amount that’s covered simply with the “this is clearly a division of the service that Kahu literally knows nothing about. Sure, there’s some basic things that would probably be included in Dex’s training if they really were a UI Fish & Wildlife Service agent, and the one that feels most obvious to me is one of my top two possible bits of inside information that Dex might be about to ask Kahu about.

I’m only thinking it’s one of the most likely things to ask about because I’ve seen a number of media presentations that do this sort of thing, and the people being fed the BS buy it hook line and sinker anyway – because the people making the media either don’t see how it would be surprising for them to not know, or they can’t figure out some other way to convey to the audience what the danger of the animals or plants being smuggled would be in the new environment.

If I paid any attention, I’d have noted that Erin *already* had Kahu cover that detail, so has no need to have Dex get Kahu to cover it again.

That said, I did catch something Dex slipped on. Dex apparently said, “Hold on, let me dial down the stealth” in some form of Ceannic. That prompts the question, “Why would a UI Fish & Wildlife Service” operative mumble to themselves in something other than Islander. But, of course, the answer is obvious; just because someone works for a particular government doesn’t mean they’re native, and given where Dex boarded, it seems reasonable that Dex would’ve been stationed somewhere in Ceannis before starting this mission. Also, it seems like the slip may have been covered by the stealth gear and is thus a non-issue, since Kahu didn’t seem to already realize that Dex had some Ceannic fluency.

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