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In The Same Boat 17/44

In The Same Boat 17/44 published on 4 Comments on In The Same Boat 17/44

Well, would you look at that. After five long years (and change!), this strip finally sees the return of the Pink Spotted Owlgull.

Dex: In your expert opinion, are there any creatures here I can let out right away?

Kahu: Shouldn’t UI Fish & Wildlife be the pre-eminent local authority on this?

Dex: When it comes to bio-security, my job is the “security”, not the “bio.” A team of experts is on the way! I just thought, you know, head start?

Kahu: Even among the species with no biosecurity restrictions on Maimakteros, none of them are adapted to survive and escape an urbanized environment such as Petrel Cliffs.

Dex: Couldn’t the birds just fly away?

Kahu: Their wings will be clipped to render them non-flight-capable. Can’t risk losing them before the sale.

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And there was that question I was dreading. But at least, it was handled in a correct manner (prompting a question rather than simply providing an answer which includes details provided last week.) As such, my dismay is directed at Dex, not Erin. 🙂

Also directed at Dex… “On their way”? Really? I’d have expected something more like (but far less wordy), “We have teams of experts that will be engaged after I report this. But there’s a lot of paperwork and I was hoping I could move on *something* at least. Maybe your release will be enough of a distraction to slow things down enough they can actually act in time.”

Of course, that sort of answer gives the impression that UI Fish & Wildlife Service has a difficult time dealing with smugglers due to bureaucracy issues. But, um, I’d kind of think that it does – and those issues extend to why they don’t actually engage in espionage agents like Dex.

Sometimes, I think it’s worthwhile to admit that the snow shovel one has is not actually a spade and is not intended in any way for garden work. (I think if you need to clear away the snow so you can prep your garden for planting, it may be too early in the season for gardening.) Sure, it’s embarrassing, but I find it less embarrassing than having to admit that not only did I not dig out the garden, I also broke the shovel.

To be fair, I got this experience vicariously, as I was considered too young for that task at that time, and it was my brother who actually broke the snow shovel… and we had a spade, it was just buried under the pile of other shovels, because it’d been a year since it was last used. My father said any of the other shovels would’ve been better than the one on the top of the pile.

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