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In The Same Boat 18/44

In The Same Boat 18/44 published on 16 Comments on In The Same Boat 18/44

Dex: What about fish? Can’t we just release them in the harbor?

Kahu: Put them through an abrupt change in the water temperature and composition, with no opportunity to acclimate?

Dex: . . . I’ll take that as a “no.”

Kahu: Besides — can’t you identify the hazard symbols? They’re an international standard.

[emergency high-speed image search]

Dex: Of course! I am totally familiar with the . . .


. . . “poisonous creature” label.

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Is Dexie supposed to be this bad at this?

It’s their first ‘mission’ without a huge amount of prep and a team behind them (…not counting Kale, and they did an obsessive amount of prep then, too); and they don’t *want* to succeed now in ways that get them locked up either!

…It’s a wonder that nothing’s exploded. Yet.

Pfft. Not everything destroyed beyond capacity for any meaningful use explodes. They’re a heartsword user, so it’s likely that what they destroy doesn’t explode most of the time.

On that note, I’d like to point out

1 animal pen, used to hold rabbits, is no longer able to be locked. It’s possible that it also won’t latch, either. I don’t *think* those rabbit wings give them the capacity for flight, but I’m not sure how necessary they are for the rabbits to be able to leave the ship whenever they get around to it at this point.

I’m sure this list will grow over time.

The pen opens from the top, in the front, and the rabbits are all clustered in the back. They would have to be brave enough to get closer to the strange people/scary noises, clever enough to work out how to lift it, strong enough to do that even though it’s so high they would have to hop, and analytic enough to plan out “there is a safer location we can get to if we go through this danger first.”

Your answer covers some long term, but mostly looking at the short term. Eventually, all the scary people will leave.

After the scary people leave, they are left to do whatever random things winged rabbits do while they’re unattended by scary people. Artwork doesn’t generally convey weight very well, which is why Loony Tunes artists frequently went to the trouble of writing ’16 tons’ on the large weights they “dropped” on some of their toons.

I wasn’t necessarily thinking that the rabbits would intentionally leave. More like, they roam a bit, accidentally find themselves leaving the cage, and then they can’t get back in. Might as well roam some more.

Yeah, I’ve had bunnies in the house before. They didn’t have wings, however.

But it sounds like the lid is heavy enough the latch being sliced doesn’t matter – until the smugglers go to try to move the cage, at which point they pick it up by the handle and dump the rabbits on the ground. This is not the disaster that I had imagined, as the smugglers are right there to recover them.

This is an unplanned strategic delay. So good move, Dex.

… it’s still one rabbit cage lock busted, though possibly not beyond repair.

Sounds like this problem scenario requires the rabbits to be unattended for at least a moderate stretch of time, right?

So all Dex has to do to avoid that is, make a point of not leaving until either “people who can take charge of the rabbits are arriving very soon” or “someone else will be present until the people who can take the rabbits get here.” (Or both!)

And you’ll notice they haven’t left yet.

How would you like them to do better?

Bearing in mind that they get no prep time, no previous study in the field, and their only available resources are “whatever they can hack and/or google” and “whatever they are physically carrying right now.” (Kahu falling into that second category, as a resource who can deliver expert intel on-demand.)

I would have at least googled and memorized potentially relevant warning symbols in advance, and as a laymen who knows nothing about biology nor specialist animal care I know that you don’t release strange animals into the wild or into cities and expect them to either live or to not cause unintended and potentially negative side effects

What terms would you use to google those? On a lark, I googled “potentially relevant warning symbols for my unauthorized heist to rescue illegally smuggled animals,” and got results like “product warning symbols for chemicals” and “behaviors your pet might exhibit that are warning signs of disease.”

And, uh, Dex hasn’t released any strange animals. I…don’t know why you think they would.

They’re asking if any of the animals are native local wild species, i.e. species that *can* be safely released into the current ecosystem. (This isn’t a distinction Dex can make from their own knowledge, but Kahu is an expert in it.) They haven’t made a single move to release any species that doesn’t qualify.

… I would hazard a guess there isn’t international standard poisonous animal sign on our Earth.

Being familiar with how standards work in our world, I’d guess we have several international standard poisonous animal signs, at least one of which is also internationally used as a standard poisoned animal sign.

The great thing about standards is, there’s so many to choose from. :/

Oh, and the other great thing about standards is, they’re great for generating revenue, because you can charge people just for information about what the standard is. It’s a perfectly reasonably practice and I’m sure everything is just fine. :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

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